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12 de marzo de 2008

At La Conca International Circuit the first round of WSK 2008 is starting

Next weekend, from march 13th to 16th, the WSK International Series take off from the track of Muro Leccese, in the first of his 6 rounds. All the works teams are reaching La Conca with 231 registered drivers in the selected 3 categories.

Next weekend, from march 13th to 16th, at the circuit in Muro Leccese, the WSK International Series starts the first of the 6 rounds of its European tour. All the works teams are reaching La Conca with 231 registered drivers in the selected 3 categories.

2008 WSK ready to take off.
The first “speed week” of the 2008 WSK International Series is ready to start. During the next weekend the six round series, in four European countries, planned by WSK Promotion at the third edition of its “FIA Authorised” International Series, takes the start.

The Italian circuits in Lonato (Brescia), Muro Leccese (Lecce) and Sarno (Salerno) together with the tracks in Angerville (France), Mariembourg (Belgium) and Zuera (Spain) will be the venue for a regular continental karting tour. The official opening will be next Thursday March 13 th , with the running of the free practice at La Conca International Circuit, in Muro Leccese. On Sunday afternoon March 16th, at the end of the finals, there will be the first classification of a Series that is expected to be more contested than ever.

303 drivers have choosen WSK.
At the closing of the registrations, the entry list hits the jackpot, with 303 registered drivers in the four admitted categories. An original 2008 calendar conceived to give everyone the chance of running in the same way, represents the new organisational philosophy carried out by WSK Promotion. As a matter of fact, each round will admit by turns only three Classes.

At La Conca, from Thursday to Sunday, the categories KF1, KF2 and KF3, with a total of 231 drivers will be therefore in the running. The KZ2, being the first to observe a “turn of rest” will make its debut at the next round in Angerville. This will offer a high esteem advantage in the arrangements of a more rational and driverfriendly event by avoiding a tight schedule during the racing days.

With the international Classes on the tracks hosting the FIA Championships.
The international Classes registered to the WSK are the same ones that compete for the CIK-FIA titles. The admitted engines are 2 stroke 125cc, divided into categories depending on the carburettor diameter and engine speed: respectively 20mm and 14.000 rpm for KF3; 24mm and 15.000 rpm for KF2; 30mm. and 16.000 rpm for the top category KF1. The KZ2 is different because it is the only shifter category. It has the sixspeed gearbox instead of the centrifuge clutch used in the above mentioned categories. To reinforce the direct link with the CIK-FIA Championships, contributes the fact that in the WSK schedule there are circuits that will host in 2008 the KF1 and KZ2 European Championship, like Angerville and Mariembourg, as well as KF1 World Championship and KF2 World Cup like Muro Leccese.

The “Champions of the two worlds” in the running.
America, Asia and Europe are the continents of origin of the WSK drivers. Among them there are as many as 15 drivers holding a CIK-FIA title: from Marco Ardigò the reigning World Champion in KF1 and 5 title holder throughout his career (World, European and World Cup) to Davide Foré, Francesco Laudato and Alessandro Piccini (6 titles each), Alessandro Manetti (5 titles) and Jonathan Thonon (2 titles).

WSK, a “must” for the karting industry.
The 2008 WSK edition avails itself of the presence of the world karting industry. 23 chassis manufacturers will be officially present with their teams together with 13 engine producers. Also the tyre companies Bridgestone, Dunlop and Vega officially will take part with the supply to the respective categories KF2, KF3 and KZ2. In this area of expertise, an absolute innovation for the WSK concerns the supply of the Bridgestone special compound for KF1, the same one adopted in the CIK-FIA World and European Championship. A special supply even for the fuel will be given on the tracks by the specialist company Panta in the specifications Kart RON 102.

Media promotion.
The 2008 WSK starts with a relevant TV coverage: during the week following each event, RaiSport will broadcast a 40’ special report on the satellite network RaiSat; more TV reports will be broadcast by the motor magazines of RaiDue, “Numero Uno” (on Sundays at 17:30) and “Squadra Corse” (on Wednesdays at 24:00). To that may be added Odeon TV broadcasts: “Odeon Motori” (on Tuesdays at 20:45), “Paddock and Uomini e Corse” (on Wednesdays at 12:30). The whole season will be followed also by the main magazines Autosprint, TKart and Vroom together with the international press in the field that will be active in Muro Leccese, with the journalists of 10 magazines and newspapers. On the Internet, WSK is present on the world motor websites. The official website www.wsk.it is the main resource for news and classifications.

Fuente: WSK Promotion


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