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2 de abril de 2008

A new challenge is expected in Angerville

A new challenge is expected in Angerville, France, among the champions of the WSK International Series. 213 entered drivers in all will attract attention in KF1 and KF3 as well.

The 2007 champions Thonon (KZ1) and Ardigò (KF1) will keep on with their duels in class KZ2, from April 3rd to 6th.

The Great WSK show repeats itself in France
There is a general talk about this karting International event, in all parts of the world. The WSK International Series got an excellent debut in Muro Leccese two weeks ago with a worldwide followed event.

WSK Promotion management is moving now to France where will be based during the next weekend. The International Circuit of Angerville, 75 km south of Paris, in the precincts of Ėtampes, is getting ready for the second round of the “FIA Authorised Series”, from April 3rd to 6th, during an event that with 213 entered drivers, is expected to be very exciting.

Will Stevens, winner in KF1
Will Stevens (TonyVortex), the sixteen year driver from Surrey, thus established his leadership in the classification at La Conca, followed by his teammate Gary Catt. Italian Antonio Piccioni (FA KartVortex), getting a steady score, mounted the podium of the championship. Instead Jonathan Thonon (CRGMaxter) after having won the first SuperPole, will move now to KZ2, passing the baton on to his teammates Arnaud Kozlinski and JeanPhilippe Guignet.

In France is expected a new high performance from Davide Forè (MaranelloMaxter), after an extraordinary Final in Muro Leccese. In the same way Sauro Cesetti, from Birel, being at his best, scored well in the Prefinal and Final. Drivers classification: 1. Stevens (38); 2. Catt (30); 3. Piccioni (19). Eurocup: 1. Tony Kart Racing team (ArdigòCatt, 46 p.); 2. Kosmic Racing Dept. (BollingtoftBressan, 19); 3. Genikart Ltp (AlabartPiccioni, 19).

"European" test for KF1 and KZ2
KZ2 will make its season’s debut in Angerville during an event that has been chosen according to the following CIK/FIA European Championship that will open the 2008 season at the same circuit, one month from now. For the same reason, the WSK race will come in handy also for KF1 that will be present in turn in the European Championship.

In France there will be a move of drivers between the two classes: not only Thonon but also Marco Ardigò (TonyVrtex) as well as the teammates Roberto Toninelli and Norman Nato (IntrepidTM), will move to KZ2 where they will compete against Italian Francesco Laudato (BirelTM), among others. The two 2007 World Champions Thonon (winner of the KZ1 World Cup) and Ardigò (KF1 Champion), will take to the field together a number of champions: Giuseppe Annunziata (LenzoLKE), Manuel Cozzaglio (IntrepidTM), Devid De Luchi (FirstTM), Verdi Geurts (ZanardiTM), Bas Lammers (TopTM), Alessandro Manetti (CRGMaxter), Thomas Mich (BirelTM), Nicola Nolè (CRGTM), Alessandro Piccini (MaranelloTM), Manuel Renaudie (GillardSGM).

De Vries leader in KF3
In Muro Leccese, also two Dutch drivers showed to have got all the qualities to succed: they are Jack De Braak (third in KF1 final on a ZanardiParilla) and the winner in KF3 and leader of the classification Nick De Vries (ZanardiXTR).

Both are followed by Dino Chiesa a talent scout for his Alessandro Zanardi team. But KF3 in particular is a highly changeable category due to the constant entry of new talented drivers. At the second place in the classification there is therefore the unexpected French driver Brandon Maisano (IntrepidTM).

At his back, the Dutch girl aged fourteen Michelle Gatting (GillardXTR), a very pleasant surprise of PDB team, mounted the podium in Muro Leccese. Drivers classification: 1. De Vries (37); 2. Maisano (28); 3. Gatting (22). Eurocup: 1. De Vries Competition (De Vries, 37 p.); 2. Intrepid France (Maisano, 28); 3. KSB Racing Team (AgostiniColeselli, 25).

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Fuente: WSK Press