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11 de abril de 2008

The weather increased the suspence to the second round of 2008 WSK

In Angerville (F) the winners are Parrot (GB, Birel-Parilla, KF1), Ardigò (I, TonyKart-Vortex KZ2) and Taylor (GB, FA Kart-TM KF3) after a very hard race. Open classification even in Eurocup.

Unexpected WSK: Angerville upsets the classifications.
Both in Driver classifications and in Eurocup for Teams, all the leads are wiped out. This is the final balance of the second round of the WSK International Series that has ended today at the Circuit International “Gabriel Thirouin” at Angerville, in France.

An exceptional weather that covered Paris with snow, has carried some snowflakes up to the circuit contributing to a constant variation from dry to wet track. In this way, the winners in three categories KF1, KZ2 and KF3 besides having duelled with their adversaries, had to be faced with the inclemency of the weather conditions as well.

In the 2008 WSK, after two rounds, the advantage of those who dominated the “premiere” in Muro Leccese, is now recovered. At the third round of the series, in Lonato, both in Driver classification and in Eurocup everything will be again at stake.

Parrot, English surprise in KF1.
Top positions have been altered by a pouring rain shortly before the Final. At an excited start, his pole position was no use to French Anthony Abbasse (Sodikart-Parilla-Bridgestone), as well as Italian Alessandro Bressan (Kosmic-Vortex-Bridgestone), that even if started in the first lane, did not manage to lead a very fighting pack.

At the beginning, English Mark Lichtfield (TonyKart-Vortex-Bridgestone) took the lead, but just after one lap, let himself be overtaken by his countryman Jason Parrot (Birel-Parilla-Bridgestone). The latter literally dominated the race by winning 5” over Lichtfield. At their back, Italian Sauro Cesetti (Birel-TM-Bridgestone) catching up from half formation came third. What a shame that Davide Forè (Maranello-Maxter-Bridgestone) while fighting for the lead has been involved in some contacts at the start that forced him to go off. As consolation, the driver from Brescia achieved the best lap during a recovery concluded as eleventh.

Race classification: 1. Parrot; 2. Lichtfield, 5”068; 3. Cesetti, 8”496.

WSK Drivers classification: 1. Stevens (38); 2. Parrot (34); 3. Lichtfield (33). Eurocup: 1. Tony Kart R.T. (48); 2. Kosmic Racing Dept. (45); 3. Birel Motorsport and MGM Racing (34).

Ardigò leads KZ2 in no time.
At the start of the WSK season excellent performances were expected by the favourites, from the winner of 2007 World Cup, Belgian Jonathan Thonon (CRG-Maxter-Vega) to the KF1 reigning World Champion, Italian Marco Ardigò (TonyKart-Vortex-Vega). But in the final phase the situation became more complicated for Thonon, due to a coming out the track at the start in the Pre-Final.

Ardigò, on the contrary managed to win ahead of French Tony Lavanant (Energy-TM-Vega). In the Final, the cards are reshuffled when Dutch Bas Lammers (TopKart-TM-Vega) started as quick as a flash, followed by Lavanant. Ardigò, waiting the right moment to join in the duel between the first two, caught up with them and dominated the rest of the race after very few laps. But Thonon, starting from the eleventh row, attracted the attention: quick-fire overtaking together with the fastest lap during the race, won him the third place behind Lammers.

Race classification: 1. Ardigò; 2. Lammers, 2”461; 3. Thonon, 3”900.

WSK Drivers classification: 1. Ardigò (37); 2. Lammers (28); 3. Lavanant (23). Eurocup: 1. Tony Kart R.T. (46); 2. Comer SpA (28); 3. Energy Corse (23).

Taylor dominates KF3.
In the eliminatory heat, Dane Nicolai Moller Madsen (TonyKart-Vortex-Dunlop) was unbeatable. But during the Sunday races, English Mackenzie Taylor (FAKart-TM_Dunlop) starting in pole position, emerged from the first laps of the Final and managed to overtake him.

Also Finn Henry Rajala and Aaro Vainio (both on a Maranello-XTR-Dunlop) placed themselves ahead of Moller. Rajala then lost position halfway, contemporaneously with the recovery by Swiss Raffaele Marciello (Spirit-TM-Dunlop) who mounted up to the second place during a wet finish. At his back Moller retained an important third place.

Race classification: 1. Taylor; 2. Marciello, 4”888; 3. Moller, 5”147.

Drivers classification: 1. Maisano (41); 2. Taylor and De Vries (37).

Eurocup: 1. Intrepid France (54); 2. TonyKart Junior (43); 3. De Vries Competition (37) and Ricky Flynn Motorsport (37).

Next meeting.
The third round of the WSK International Series will take place in Lonato (BS), from May 8th to 11th. The TV special report from Angerville on RaiSport Sat is scheduled on Friday April 11th at 12.30.

Fuente: WSK Press