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28 de febrero de 2008

New ambitions!

Since 2000, the French Automobile Sport Federation created the FFSA French Karting Team which objective is to allow the best French representatives and their high expectations, to benefit from global training relating to the profession of high level pilots.

This year, 10 of them have been given the label of FFSA French Karting Team, including 6 pilots from last year and 4 new pilots. The Official Media presentation will take place at the first FFSA Grand Prix Karting event of the season, In Saint Laurent de Mure, close to Lyon, Friday, March the 21st.

The FFSA will be making the Academy of Auto Sport its principal centre of formation for the automobile sport training craft, this year the main training of the FFSA French Karting Team will take place near Le Mans. Julien Poncelet, champion of Europe and winner of the FA World Cup in 1999, has been nominated trainer for the young pilots of the federation.

In addition, the pilots proposed annual training program will take place exclusively in the federation center of formation buildings, with an initial training course in February for the physical and medical assessments before beginning the preparation itself. At the beginning of August, the Formula Academy will test the pilots driving skills, replacing Campus. The season will finish with a last physical test drive by the end of August, before the international test in September. The two chiropractors that accompanied the event in the 2007 season were invited to join the 2008 season due to their efficiency over the past year.

The FFSA and the Auto Sport Academy, will be proposing solutions for the pilots in order to help them with their careers. Scholarships will be proposed to the pilots, whether they decide to proceed in karting or into other auto sports via the Formula Euro Academy Series championship, organized by the Auto Sport Academy.

2008 FFSA French Team Karting pilots: There are ten selected pilots this year, 6 pilots from last year and 4 new arrivals. Three pilots in KF1, four in KF2, two in KF3 and one in KZ1: a total of 10 pilots. However, the 2008 international season will see many pilots passing from KF to KZ (125cc and gear box). according to their programs, except 4 pilots of the team, Anthony Abbasse, Charles Lacaze, Norman Nato and Alban Varutti.

According to their category, all French team pilots participate in the FFSA Karting Grand Prix, European and world CIK-FIA championships.

Thomas Mich, 20 years old, joined the FFSA Karting French Team with his Vice-Champion title of the French 125 winning the 4th place in the European Championship and the 5th place in the World Cup. Wins the KZ1 category for the Birel official team.

Anthony Abbasse, 19 years old, Champion of the France Elite, magnificent performance at the World KF1 Championship at Mariembourg taking the 4th position in the final. Official Sodikart Pilot in KF1 and KZ 1 and 2.

Alban Varutti, 22 years old, 5th in the KF1 World Championship. Sodikart Official Pilot in KF1 and KZ 1 and 2.

Norman Nato, 15 years old, 8th place in the France Espoir Championship, but overall champion of the Course des Champions 2007. Very fast pilot in KF1 and KZ2.

Charles Lacaze, 17 years old, Champion of the France Espoir 2007. Tonykart Malevaut Sport pilot in KF2 and KZ2.

Loïc Réguillon, 17 years old, Vice-Champion of France Espoir. Sodikart Braun Racing pilot in KF2.

William Benedetti, 16 years old, 3rd at the France Espoir Championship. KF2 Kosmic pilot, full of ambition after his performances at the end of the year in the Course des Champions.

Julien Deschamps, 16 years old, incredible 5th position won in the KF2 World Cup. Malevaut Sport pilot in KF2.

Brandon Maïsano, 14 years old, Vice-Champion of France Junior, winner of the Course des Champions, winner of the Bridgestone Cup, 3rd position in the Monaco Kart Cup. Remarkable pilot in KF3 striving well in the season and full of ambition.

Jonathan Hélias, the teams youngest, 13 years old, France Cadet Champion. A great pilot with a lot to discover in KF3, having had an exceptional season.

Fuente: Fédération Française du Sport Automobile