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7 de marzo de 2008

2G Racing is ready to start

After the very recent creation of the karting race team, 2G Racing shifts into high gear and begins its development activity.

2G Racing settled in Lonato for the Winter Cup, with a brand new truck and facility.

With high, but realistic ambitions for a first race, Philippe Gazzurelli, the boss, decided to come to Italy to validate the technical solutions adopted by his team and to do some life-size road testing under real race conditions. His son Gianni took care of the track testing on his FA Kart frame, in KF1.

Concerning the engines, François Convers had carte blanche to explore all resources of Vortex mechanics, due to be heavily exploited by the magician of Saint-Etienne, who is going to start soon his preparation. If needed, he can refer to AC.MO, Philippe Gazzurelli’s company, which is able to produce any kind of metal part on site, in the shortest delay.

Concerning the frames, 2G Racing made significant progress in its knowledge of FA Kart equipment. As team manager, François Convers listened to his pilot in order to guide the team job. And little by little, adjustments were made. On Monday, they went on with tire testing and at the end times were close to those of the fastest pilots.

Therefore, a positive result for the team’s first time participation in the big karting circus. 2G Racing has already equipped itself with a repair truck and soon another investment will be made in this field. The facility will comfortably host 4 pilots.

2G Racing is the French importer of FA Kart and Vortex official dealer. Philippe Gazzurelli is currently creating a network of dealers well established in their region and he is open to work with other countries.

However, 2G Racing is also and mostly a race service, which can sell or rent Vortex engines prepared by François Convers with full racetrack assistance. This service is available to all pilots, regardless of the frame brands they use in national championships. For CIK-FIA races, 2G Racing reserves the possibility to motorize Tonykart frames only. Apart from this limitation, 2G Racing prepares and rents KF2, KF3 and KZ to anybody.

2G Racing proposals are tailor made to each customer’s needs in order to provide a customised service: use of 2G Racing facility, equipment care, turnkey races, individual renting at the race ... Everything is possible.

For the time being, 2G Racing is only present at FFSA Grand Prix, but in the near future it will make its debut also on the international circuit. WSK will be followed by 2G Racing in KF1, starting from la Conca. The programme will be developed according to demand and it might also include Belgium, whose championship takes place in autumn.

Fuente: 2G Racing by ACMO