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13 de marzo de 2008

The age of renewal begins in Lyon

After a tremendously successful season in 2007, the time has now come to inaugurate season 2008 of FFSA Karting Grand Prix, at Actua Lyon racetrack.

It is a season under the sign of renewal stimulated by the many changes implemented by FFSA in the organisation of Championship of France 2008. Two weeks before the opening of the season, this new race format has already attracted a number of competitors exceptionally high for a national championship in Europe.

In 2008, FFSA Karting Grand Prix races will adopt a new formula, in order to make the competition more intense and more attractive for fans, with finals on Saturdays and Sundays. Procedures have been simplified to increase the time available for trials. With these changes, FFSA intends to return the Karting Grand Prix to the place it deserves among national championships. The first sign of its higher visibility can be detected in the very high number of foreign pilots taking part in the competition.

Actua Lyon Kart Métropole racetrack in Saint Laurent de Mure is in one of the most beautiful karting sites in France, with 4 tracks over an area of more than 16 hectares.

The track is 1250m long and 8m wide and its layout is very challenging, fast and sinuous. Recent improvements to the paddock have made it even more comfortable to use. There is also a large gathering place for meetings and marketing or media activities, which was dubbed «The village square» last July, at previous Grand Prix.

Due to an insufficient number of participants, FFSA has decided not to include KF1 in its 2008 programme, in order to focus, rather, on the promotion class. In Lyon, 8 to 10 year-old minikart drivers will have a chance to show how talented they are. In this way, the category will get a great visibility boost. Therefore, it will be KF2 to play the leading role. There will be the protagonists of Championship of France 2007, together with title holder Charles Lacaze, his possible successor Loïc Réguillon, and number 3 William Benedetti. Together with Julien Deschamps, fifth at KF2 World Cup, this is the quartet composing the «Equipe de France FFSA Karting» in KF2. However, they will not be the only candidates to victory. In fact, Kevin Mourey or Clément Bluy are also competitive contenders, together with category senior Marc Léon, our gentleman driver.

A nice group of Belgian pilots will be part of the match as well, with Sébastien Bailly, champion of France Junior, Sami Luka and Mickael Albert, among the most awaited.

In KF3, Brandon Maïsano -with great experience in this category- will be chasing for a title but his main opponent might be Belgian Guillaume De Ridder. Excellent results could also come from former drivers of Cadet category Mathieu Jaminet and Pascal Belmaaziz.

KZ2 gets together a nice assortment of possible champions, equally divided between experts of 125 gearbox karts and fans of KF1, who can find here a nice replacement solution. Thomas Mich will fight hard to win the title he could have conquered last year. He will have to watch out for experienced pilots like Mathias Gallepe, Enzo Zéfirini, Pierre Etienne Chaumat, Thierry Lolmède, Eric Ramon or Stephen Nuvolini. Swiss Ken Allemann will also be a tough contender. Let us not forget, of course, our 3 Equipe de France pilots Anthony Abbasse, Alban Varutti and Norman Nato, who are talented enough to fight for victory in the most challenging category of Championship 2008.

Fuente: Fédération Française du Sport Automobile