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7 de marzo de 2008

Plenty of innovations in FFSA Karting Grand Prix

This year, FFSA Karting Grand Prix will be very hard fought. FFSA has taken stock of the lessons learned and has organised a completely new Championship of France 2008.

FFSA Karting Grand Prix races are among the most famous competitions in high-level karting and have always been very popular in France and abroad. The participation of many talented international pilots, divided in 3 international categories (KF2, KF3 and KZ2) was the reason why FFSA decided to register the Karting Grands Prix in the CIK/FIA programme as International series.

Thanks to a wider communication strategy in several languages, FFSA has succeeded, as everybody knows, to extend its field of action. In fact, this year there is an even higher number of foreign pilots, who will fight hard to win the FFSA Karting Grand Prix.

More challenging races, an organisation even more professional, a more friendly atmosphere, an even larger media coverage: FFSA has organised everything on a large scale to appeal both pilots and the public.

A new race schedule :
To make the competition more intense and the show more appealing, with finals on saturdays and Sundays.
Friday: official trials
Saturday: warm-up, official time qualifying, pre-final and final for each category.
Sunday: warm-up, official time qualifying, pre-final and final for each category.

Improvements :
For the enjoyment and comfort of participants: reduction of constraints and increase of time available for trials:
1. More pilots on the track during free trials and during the race
2. Simplified registration of equipment
3. Simplified management of tyres in Parc Fermé
4. Paddock open until 10 p.m.

More services :
Offered to participants: the FFSA reception facility, with its motor-home, is at everybody’s disposal: Non-stop opening during the days of the meeting, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
1. Distribution of start numbers
2. Broadcast of results
3. Video broadcasting on a maxi screen
4. Press point

More and higher prizes: 3500 €/ race i.e. 14 000 € for the whole FFSA Karting Grands
Prix for each category, after the finals.
The best times in each category will be rewarded
The best catching ups during races will be rewarded
The best rookies in each category will be rewarded at the end of the Championship.
Grand Prix partners will distribute 900 litres of fuel and 150 groups of tyres to reward the best pilots.

Springboard for success in the world of car racing: At the end of FFSA Karting Grands Prix, the first 3 pilots of each category (9 pilots in total) will participate in a single-seater track test (Formula Academy). The winner of the test will receive a 30.000 € grant for one season in Formul’ Academy Euro Series.

22 and 23 March in Lyon
12 and 13 April in Salbris
17 and 18 May in Essay
31 May and 1 June in Varennes

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