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2 de abril de 2008

First podiums and victories in 2008

The beginning of the season gave Maranello the opportunity to assess its position among the most important karting teams at international level.

The quality of Italian materials, the reputation of its technical team and the results obtained in recent years have led many pilots to confide in Maranello for the year 2008. The first international events have been an important testing ground, with numerous red karts at the start. And, from a sports point of view, new podiums and victories added to the brand’s prize record.

Maranello is a young company, but it has been able to create a winning image, highly considered in the paddock. The reason? Commitment, constant innovation and development, a working environment appreciated by pilots, as well as transparency in the supply of materials, as Armando Filini likes to point out. “I insist on the fact that the company supplies the same material to all pilots who confide in us, whether they belong to an official team or not. We attach great importance to the quality of chassis and strive to provide the best service to pilots and help them obtain good performances”.

In January, Davide Fore stood out in KF1, since he was the fastest during collective tests organised by WSK in La Conca (Southern Italy), thus confirming the good job done by Maranello in winter.

Three weeks later, during the Winter Cup, the paddock of Lonato was crowded with over 40 Italian karts. On Sunday evening, Aaro Vainio won in KF3. “Winning at the beginning of the season is great”, said the young Finnish pilot. “I was quite confident after the pole won during official time qualifying. At the end, the kart had an excellent performance and I’m sure that’s just the beginning of an extremely successful season”. Italian Kevin Ceccon ranked 3rd, thus completing the good results obtained by the “men in red”!

Vainio and Ceccon played a leading role at Andrea Margutti Trophy in Parma as well. Ceccon won the pole and Vainio was able to win his semi-final and ranked 2nd in the final, just ahead of Ceccon! Maranello led in KF2 too, thanks to the brilliant victory by Czech Zdenek Groman. Also worth mentioning are other Maranello pilots, who did extremely well in 2008: Jony Wiman, Jacob Nortoft, Luke Wright in KF2, Kevin Giovesi, Russel Danzy, Sergei Sirotkin, Eduardo Cheever, David Da Luz in KF3 and many others.

The season has begun extremely well for Maranello”, confirmed Armando Filini. “We cannot rest on our laurels, though, and need to constantly improve. Karting is a demanding sport and we realised this in Muro Leccese during the WSK race, where the bad luck was with us, although we were one of the two best represented brands. The same is true for Davide Fore, who was always in the leading positions in KF1 at the Winter Cup, but had to withdraw in the final. This is sport and we will do our best in order to make 2008 as successful as possible”.

Fuente: KARTcom