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8 de mayo de 2008

Thonon's stellar success

An all-smiling Jonathan Thonon mounted twice on the podium of Angerville, where the first round of the European KZ1 Championship, the top category for 125cc gearbox karts, was held.

For the Belgian pilot and CRG-Maxter Team, which he officially represents, it was important to start this new season with a victory and a good overall result. "The Championship has only two meetings, with two races each, therefore it's important to be immediately competitive" Jonathan said. "My team and I succeeded in improving our equipment so as to make it as performing as possible and our strategy is paying off".

Already very competitive at the debut of the WSK, a month ago, on this same circuit of Angerville, Jonathan has achieved his objective by becoming leader of the Championship. But mere results are not the only thing that matters, it is the way in which Jonathan has won and mounted on the second step of the podium that stirs admiration. On Saturday morning, Thonon conquered a superb pole position and then he was once again the fastest in his two heats. At the start of race 1, his team mate Manetti was ahead at the first curve, but then he was forced to give in to the attacks launched by the Belgian pilot.

I had scored the best time in the warm-up and I was therefore very optimistic about the final. When I took over at the head of race 1, I was able to keep a high pace and I won with a good advantage. Then, I contented myself with keeping my advantage, while sparing my tyres for race 2”.

The start of this second final was not very good for Jonathan, who was only 8th after the first lap. The leading group went ahead without him and then his podium chances seemed compromised. But he brilliantly recovered his lost positions! After the fastest laps in the race, he reached the group and made some impressive overtakings, until he climbed to second position.

Bas Lammers, the leader, was in the line of sight, but had a remarkable advantage. “At the end of the race, I was recovering 4 to 5 tenths a lap. My equipment was really fantastic, but I should have had a couple more laps to try and overtake him. Anyway, it was a very exciting race! I would like to thank all team members for their wonderful job and Patrick Savard from Tec’Sav for the quality of his engines”.

Overall, the race can be considered very positive for Jonathan Thonon. He posted all the record laps of the weekend, he became leader of the ranking and he has now become the favourite for this European Championship, whose second and last race will be hosted in his country. “I am looking forward to go to Mariembourg. Last year I won the World Cup and the WSK and now I would like to add the European Championship to the list of my awards. If I could make it in Belgium, it would be a nice present for my team and my partners”.

Fuente: KARTcom